Tuesday, December 31, 2019

In the realm of dreams I swim - Ink and pencil on mylar
30th Annual Mistletoe Magic A holiday art fundraiser - 
submitted for the art auction December 2019 at The Aird Gallery.
ECI Mandela Lectures at Ryerson University for Social Justice Week 2019
I had the opportunity to speak about my Recipes for change through my artwork at the Recipe for Change Mandela Lectures this October alongside Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Camille Turner and moderated by Itah Sadu. See the pictures below.

Artists and PhD students Camille Turner and Natalie Wood, Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Denise O'Neil Green -VP Equity and Community Inclusion, Kiké Roach, Unifor National Chair in Social Justice and Democracy.

Along with Stephanie Cole I included aspects of the Bakergram performance

Messages from Fanon and Josephine Baker read out to the audience

Tree of Forgetfulness vs Ashe

Recipes for Change  - True North: Unmasking Slavery in Canada
"This year’s ECI Mandela Lecture explores the long history of Canadian slavery. Using visuals that capture the experiences of enslaved peoples of African descent, this event explores the brutality of slavery and demystifies the current national myth of racial tolerance in Canada. The event will address the need and potential for national curriculum reform, which currently fails to provide a nuanced understanding of slavery in Canada, and to better understand the effects of slavery as they are experienced by Black communities both within and beyond the academy."
With Dr. Charmaine Nelson, Charmaine Turner and Natalie Wood

Monday, February 11, 2019

2018 Updates in 2019 from In Your Pocket video to more blue deviling and Big on Bloor Festival

Big on Bloor Festival: Pillow Play

With Pillow Play artists Nila Gupta and Natalie Wood create a participatory sculpture piece that invites participants of all ages to construct comfort and meaning out of everyday objects such as pillows. Follow the link here Pillow Play.


June 2018 - Artist in Residence for York University student association's Pride Float - in collaboration with AGYU

Pride float with a message #gotbloodtogive and Whose party whose blood!

Blue Devils!

Sketch for the float and working on making the float at York University


June 19/ 2018 - In Your Pocket Screening of TIME AFTER TIME

In your pocket: Time after Time June 19 2018 actors and directors after the Screening
Video Time will Come - 6 mins
Time Will Come is a 5.53 minute experimental video that dramatizes in dance, movement and metaphor the narrator's quest to find her heart. This video looks at the impact of loss, pain and stress experienced by many black & racialized people and offers up a solution. To keep on searching for our hearts, our softness and our joy until that time when we find them. This was screened for In your Pocket: Time after Time at Buddies in Bad times. It stars Danielle Smith and Kyshia Williams, Camera work from Amber Williams-King, with editing consult from Nila Gupta and Emily Wood-Gupta. This was filmed on an iPhone 6s. The link to the video is here - Time Will Come