Friday, February 19, 2016

Still from 'Touched by a Soucouyant' a 5 minute cell phone video screened at Inside Out Film Festival May 2015
 for In Your Pocket – RT Collective

'Touched by a Soucouyant' tells the story of a late night encounter between two women that lead to the unraveling of a supernatural mystery with connections to Trinidad and Tobago/ Caribbean.

Actors: Kyisha Williams, Robin Akimbo,
Camera, Lights: Nadijah Robinson, Kyisha Williams, Robin Akimbo
Director: Natalie Wood
BakerGram, OCAD Gallery Thesis exhibit March 6 -14, 2015
Installation shot of Genevieve Wallen's Curatorial Thesis Exhibition, There Is Always More than What We Perceive - a group show with Michele Clarke and Abdi Osman.

These are some of the Installation and Performance Shots.
We had the bananas age throughout the exhibit. Some of the banana skins changed from yellow to black - obscuring the text. Some people getting the quoted bananas felt strongly that there was a message in it meant for them. I enjoyed this performance.