Monday, November 11, 2013

I created this image for my Postervirus; 2013 Launch poster (which I will post once I get a copy of it with the text- "Religion can't protect you"). 

This piece is called "Test-ify" and with it I am addressing the use of religion to oppress, ostracize and violently discriminate against people with hiv/aids in the black and Afro-Caribbean communities. I am suggesting that we fight this ‘power’ and the spread of the virus, by getting tested and also ‘testifying’ to the truth of what's going on in the community - the ostracism, the ignorance about the virus and the violence committed in the name of religion.
For this piece I used adinkra symbols; and the devil/angel comes out of devil character from Trinidad carnival – where there are many colored devils – this one is a white devil.
Size of piece is 8.5 x14 inches and materials used are acrylic ink, oil pastel, mirrors, safety pins on mylar.

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