Saturday, October 1, 2016

Occupy Space Exhibit: Time Travel Talismans Workshop October 1, 2016

Space Travel Talisman Workshop with Natalie Wood

Join me for a hands-on workshop in creating a space travel talisman. Participants will be provided with symbolic materials and be instructed in how to create their own talisman to use in their travels through time and space. The piece they create will ground them to their specific time for their return voyage, protect them in their travels and direct them to the time/ space to which they are traveling.

Humber Art Galleries - L Space
Lakeshore Campus
Room L1002
19 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive
Toronto, ON M8V 4B6

That's So Gay: Come Together - August 2016

That's So Gay: Come Together 

Gladstone Hotel June 8th - August 17th 2016

Hangman Installation Rm 205 @ Gladstone in the process

Installation of Hangman near completion

Opening Reception - Playing Hangman

Some visitors who talked about semiotics and the interactive element of Hangman that asks viewers to construct their own interpretations of partially formed words...

The visitors generating many solutions to those partially formed words - how would you complete .._ IGGER?

Even the kids could not resist brown paper on a wall and chalk 

All the partners involved in this Show - Gladstone Hotel President & artist Christina Zeidler, 10 x10 Curator, James Fowler, TSG Curator: Syrus Ware, & Lukus Toane Director of Exhibitions, Gladstone Hotel 

Gladstone Hotel’s 7th Annual TSG exhibition; a group show celebrating new works by LGBTTI2QQ artists curated by Syrus Marcus Ware.
The 2016 subtitle (Come Together) refers to many things: a call to action and activism during a year that has witnessed unprecedented coverage of cross-movement building amongst Indigenous, Black and POC Two-Spirited and LGBTTI2QQ communities, collective struggle and the need to unify and call for creative responses to transphobic and homophobic violence that is dis-proportionally affecting Indigenous and racialized trans women. TSG: Come together highlights the need for artistic engagement and responses to propel our activism into a new dimension.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Nia Centre for the Arts Exposed Exhibition: Solace March 2016

Natalie Wood, Erica De Freitas & Genevieve Wallen at the Opening for Solace.

Nia Centre for the Arts asked me to write the essay for this exhibit. Thank you Nia Centre for the Arts, Genevieve Wallen for having me jury and write to contextualize the work of the amazing artists in the show. It was held at the Gladstone, March 17th 2016.

Will (3 mins) was screened Thursday 20 August 2015.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Still from 'Touched by a Soucouyant' a 5 minute cell phone video screened at Inside Out Film Festival May 2015
 for In Your Pocket – RT Collective

'Touched by a Soucouyant' tells the story of a late night encounter between two women that lead to the unraveling of a supernatural mystery with connections to Trinidad and Tobago/ Caribbean.

Actors: Kyisha Williams, Robin Akimbo,
Camera, Lights: Nadijah Robinson, Kyisha Williams, Robin Akimbo
Director: Natalie Wood
BakerGram, OCAD Gallery Thesis exhibit March 6 -14, 2015
Installation shot of Genevieve Wallen's Curatorial Thesis Exhibition, There Is Always More than What We Perceive - a group show with Michele Clarke and Abdi Osman.

These are some of the Installation and Performance Shots.
We had the bananas age throughout the exhibit. Some of the banana skins changed from yellow to black - obscuring the text. Some people getting the quoted bananas felt strongly that there was a message in it meant for them. I enjoyed this performance.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 2014
The Launch of the World Pride Mural Project

Mural Walk and Talk on Church St

Councillor Wong Tam at the Mural walk
June 2014

Nuit Rose after my performance of Banagrams with Marlon Griffith

For Nuit Rose 2014 I presented my video performance - Bananagrams. By the end of the night I had many people roaming the streets with my scripted bananas.

August 2014



Scotiabank Art in Transit: Confluence for Caribana where among other pieces I screened my 2 minute single channel video The Line is Drawn on pattison screens in subways and malls across Canada. Curators Pamela Edmonds, Sally Frater and artist Sandra Brewster were present at the opening. I was also interviewed on CP24 to promote the exhibit.

October 2014

For Open House Exhibit and show, I had the Bananagram installation which worked beautifully in its location close to the ground. I had help from some of the little ones who worked with me to distribute the bananas. It was a packed house but almost everyone left or ate or had a banana.